Getting unlimited wireless internet in rural areas is easy, but what services are available? Several companies have started offering such services, including Frontier, Infinite LTE, and Suddenlink. It’s important to know that these companies aren’t the same. They are different, but they have similar characteristics. Here’s how to find the best company for you. In addition to their high speeds, they should offer quality customer service.

Infinite LTE

If you live in a rural area, you should know about the unlimited wireless internet available through Infinite LTE Data. This service is designed to help people stay connected while living away from the city. This plan offers the necessary equipment for the internet connection, such as a SIM card and monthly subscription fees. It is available for 75 dollars a month, including equipment and monthly subscription fees.

Many rural communities have limited options for internet access, and they often have to settle for MiFi sticks or LTE sticks from ISPs. The problem is that these devices are expensive and have limited data. However, there has been a lot of opposition to rural broadband services, as the FCC and ISP lobbyists consider these services a threat to free speech. However, Unlimited LTE Advanced is making the process easier than ever.


Windstream and Kinetic have teamed up to provide high-speed internet services in rural communities. The company has been aggressively expanding its fiber network, adding $2 billion in capital, and offers 1-gig service to rural customers. The company is targeting rural areas with its service, and the first quarter of 2021 is expected to bring more than 129,000 new customer locations. In the first quarter, the company added 13,000 net broadband customers.

Kinetic is available in 18 states in the US, including Kentucky and Mississippi. Its coverage is greater than that of Cox Communications, which operates primarily in metro areas. There are also a few rural areas that Kinetic doesn’t yet cover, but the company hopes to expand its coverage shortly. Kinetic currently serves customers in 18 states, including Lowa, Georgia, Mississippi, Kentucky, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, and Oklahoma.


If you live in a rural area and are interested in Suddenlink Unlimited wireless internet, you are lucky. This provider offers a variety of plans to fit every need and budget. Suddenlink’s ‘no one gets left behind’ policy means you don’t have to sign a contract or pay excessive termination fees. This is good news for rural residents as Suddenlink doesn’t charge a monthly fee.

The basic plan will be affordable and adequate for average internet use and video streaming. More expensive plans are better suited for gamers and heavy users. Suddenlink currently provides service in the Midwest, Southern, and Western United States. Customers can choose from two plans to suit their needs. Customers in these areas should check the availability of each service before signing up. The prices are subject to change after one year, so check with your local provider before signing up.


If you live in a rural area, you might have difficulty getting broadband Internet service from a major provider. Frontier is a great option for rural internet, but if you need a higher speed, you may choose between DSL or fiber internet. The best way to find the right one for your needs is to contact the company and see which type of service is available. You can also check out what other rural internet providers offer, because their speeds may differ.

Satellite Internet is another option if you live in a rural area. It requires that you install a satellite dish to get internet service. These dishes communicate with a satellite in space and relay internet signals to the ISP on Earth. Satellite internet is not as fast as cable, but it has come a long way in providing quality performance for thousands of Americans. Satellite Internet service is available in many rural areas throughout Frontier. There are many benefits of using satellite internet, including getting unlimited service.


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