Why is unlimited Wireless Internet important to rural areas? There are a few reasons. For one, it allows you to connect with commerce, social networks, and culture. Another is that it allows you to stay connected with friends and family far away. If you’re wondering how to get unlimited wireless Internet, read this article to find out. Moreover, it will help you decide whether or not unlimited Internet is right for your home.

Connecting to culture

Rural America has long struggled to connect to the fast and affordable Internet, yet only a third of all households have access to high-speed Internet. Without unlimited wireless Internet, rural areas are far from connected to the world, a fact echoed by FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, who likens the situation to that of the 1930s and the widespread lack of electricity. Despite this, many people still don’t have access to the fast and affordable Internet they need to stay connected to commerce, growth, and culture.

Connecting to commerce

If you live in a rural area, you might be hesitant to get high-speed Internet. The cost of laying fiber-optic cable is prohibitive, and rural Americans do not have access to this service. While it may be difficult to justify these high costs for a limited number of subscribers, the public interest and economic recovery are at stake. Moreover, connecting to the Internet means being connected to the world of jobs and commerce. The Internet is often referred to as an “information superhighway,” and the costs of building that information superhighway are shared by all Americans.

While many of us take for granted our access to fast Internet, we often forget that there are millions of Americans who live in rural areas without reliable access to high-speed Internet. According to the FCC, only 35 percent of rural households have access to unlimited wireless Internet. Fast rural Internet is critical to connecting to culture, commerce, growth, and social networks. FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has compared the need for high-speed Internet in rural areas to rural electrification.

Connecting to social networks

Connecting to social networks in rural areas isn’t difficult if you have unlimited Wireless Internet access. In fact, many rural internet customers have an easy time achieving fast speeds using a simple hot spot or modem. Others will need more sophisticated technology. As with any other type of Internet connection, customer service is important when using a rural internet provider. Taking a look at their customer reviews on Facebook or other social media sites can help you determine their level of commitment to customer service.

The survey also looked at how much time people spend using wireless Internet. Survey questions asked respondents to estimate how much time they spend on the Internet daily and on what activities. Some students reported spending as much as four hours per day browsing social networking websites. While this is an incredibly large amount of time, the findings suggest that wireless Internet may be a positive influence on face-to-face interactions, especially among young people.


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